Quick change of venue

Trying to maintain two separate blogs is just too much for my tiny mind so I have combined them both into www.spiragirl.co.uk. Please update your links and come and see what’s going on!




Days 20 & 21

You know when things are bad and then you get hit by a whole new level of shitness. Well, that’s about where I am now! I completely fell off the paleo wagon last night with Dominoes, Ice cream, chocolate raisins and a glass of wine but to be honest I don’t care.

My poor tummy though! So much pain today. I feel rubbish. Good lesson in why I started this in the first place. Definitely back to no grains and no dairy for me. I don’t want to feel this bad.

I have been overdosing on dried fruit this week, it’s not been helping me cope at all because of the sugar levels. I’m going to really cut back on it or stop eating it altogether. Again, it doesn’t really help me feel good and I need to be feeling my best to deal with the level of stress I am under at the moment.

Day 19

I feel like I’ve stopped losing weigh now which is a good thing. Was getting worried about the speed with which I was disappearing. I am slightly struggling to think up dinner ideas but just need to spend a little more time researching new ideas on the web.

I’m having one of those weeks where I am just completely disorganised. Everything seems to be taking longer than I thought possible and I hate feeling unproductive. One of the the things I really need to start upping in my general day to day life is the amount of exercise I am getting. A side effect of my change in work hours means that I now always have to park in a carpark alot further away from my office so I am having to walk at least a little bit every day. I am starting my half marathon training tomorrow with a gentle after work run. Should be entertaining for the people of Swindon! It feels good to have more energy, this time a month ago, going for a run would have wiped me out completely.

Day 17 – Back to the new normal

I am loving having more time with the kids in the mornings, it’s so nice to be able to cook for them and chat about their upcoming days rather than be yelling at them to hurry up all the time. Makes for a much happier Kate!

Today was the first day of the new childcare arrangements and it all worked really well, bar me getting stuck in traffic on the A419 which very rarely happens. Kids seem so much happier and I feel far more relaxed about things. I haven’t been eating all that well though. Making snack bars was a bad idea. I’m not even hungry but am eating them because they are there. I know it doesn’t do me any harm but boredom eating is just such a waste of food, paleo or not!

The meal plan is working so far. Had a lovely sweet potato and parsnip mash with steak tonight. Haven’t tried it before but it was really tasty. I’ve moved the burgers to tomorrow night so the kids can be cooked for easily while I am out. Made 10 so could have them again the following night as planned without any problems. I am loving that I have a reason to cook nice things for myself. I have been living off absolute rubbish since being on my own but I am making much more effort to actually cook myself something worth eating now. I’d forgotten how much I like cooking! Admittedly I’m still no fan of the recipe but there haven’t been many Mrs Cropley style disasters!

Day 16 – Productive Day

Well, today has been great. The boys played rugby this morning and had a really good time, I took Pips over to see a friend of mine in Lyneham and haven’t laughed so much in ages, fed the ducks at Mouldon Hill although it was so cold we didn’t go for our usual couple of circuits of the pond, we signed the contracts for the new childminder to start tomorrow, the house is clean and tidy in the main, I rearranged the living room furniture and I even started properly studying for my exams in May. Here’s hoping it’s a sign that the coming week is going to be much more positive and fruitful than the last one which is definitely ranking fairly high up there on the most stressful weeks ever chart!

I’m wondering how much of my extra energy and get up and go has come from the change in diet. I am feeling far less sluggish and have stopped needing my weekend afternoon naps. I’m getting up earlier and easier and generally have much more energy overall. My brain seems to be functioning better than it has been recently too despite having a lot going on. It’s all good stuff!